Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Meet the Artist - Marina Dieul

I'm in love with a mouse.  Well lots of mice actually.  Well Marina Dieul's mice in particular.


 These amazing oils are the work of French born artist, Marina Dieul.  (And no, this isn't a photo!)
Passionate about painting and drawing from an early age,  her family encouraged her  and her calling became her vocation.  She moved to Montreal, in early 2000, where she now lives.
It's not surprising to see that she has won numerous awards and been extensively profiled in art magazines.

I'm not going to say any more, but just let her work speak for itself.  I've chosen to profile a selection of animals, in particular her mice (souris) which seem to be a favourite, but I was honestly spoilt for choice.  You have to visit her website or Facebook page to see more and I'll probably revisit her work to showcase some of her portraits another time.



Okay, (and I'm almost embarrassed to link my work with these stunning images) but I have to include my tenuous link of the day.  You can always get your own little piggie, bunny or mouse from my website for your cute little 'un.

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